The Essential Rob MacDougall

Nickname: Mac

Born: January 17, 1958

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario Canada

Currently Lives in: Oakville, Ontario Canada

High School: T.A. Blakelock

Family: son Dylan, daughter Shannon

 Education: Ontario College of Art and Design 1981-1985

Occupation: Visual Communications, Sports Artist, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur

Style: High Realism, Caricature, Cartoon, Sculpture

Niche: Unique, Collectible, Custom, Authentic, Original, Commemorative, Sport Art, Logo Design

Favorite Sport: Lacrosse and Hockey

Favorite Movie: Cool Hand Luke

Favorite Song: Imagine John (Lennon)

Famous Person I would most like to meet: Thomas Edison, the man who forever changed the phrase, “The candles are lit, but nobody’s home.”

I am Passionate About: Sports… it feeds my soul; Art… I love creating and making people smile; and Coaching Lacrosse… I love teaching the next generation about a sport that builds and reveals character.

I Value: Authenticity, Creativity, Character, Community Service

I Live by the Motto: "Leave a little more than you take and the world will be a better place."

True Gifts: Being able to see people as an extension of my brush.


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